Jack grew-up in a middle-class neighborhood in Bel Air, Maryland with a dysfunctional family that was overwhelmed with alcoholism and addiction – his childhood went something like this video. With no “connections” to provide him a way-out, he used the educational system to escape – eventually earning degrees from Salisbury University, George Washington University, and UCLA.

As a young man he pursued numerous entrepreneurial ventures, including: Triple “A” Student Painters, Amway, Rainbow vacuums, etc. With limited success, he eventually accepted corporate jobs with the U.S. Navy and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Before the “red tape” of those large organizations killed him, Jack left to start his own company in California during the middle of the dot-com craze of the 1990’s. Although this initial business was not successful, he eventually achieved success with several entrepreneurial ventures.

Jack was part of the initial management team that established Advanced Public Safety, Inc. (APS) – a technology solutions provider for public safety agencies. APS was acquired in 2005 by Trimble Navigation, LTD. After APS, he assisted in creating another start-up called SmartProcure, LLC. – a software-as-as-service solution (SaaS) for government contractors. Jack currently serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for SmartProcure, operates two Plato’s Closet franchises, and owns several real estate investments. Jack also serves on the Board of Directors for Gold Coast Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and Counter Culture Sports.

Starting with virtually nothing, Jack is proof that with focus, determination, strong character, and God’s blessing success is achievable from any circumstance.

Throughout his career, Jack has been published or quoted in over 20 media outlets, including: Entrepreneur magazine, MSNBC, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, and Associated Press.

Jack is married to a loving wife, has two great kids, two loving sisters, and great in-laws. He attends service at Calvary Chapel and participates in local Celebrate Recovery meetings. He is fortunate to live in a beachfront home in south Florida – but still holds onto his Baltimore roots!!

Trying to live each day of his life to fullest, waiting to hear: “Well done good and faithful servant.”

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