Athletics and competitive sports provide an unbelievable opportunity to develop life and leadership skills. As a football and baseball coach for both high school and youth-level teams, and through his involvement with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Jack has witnessed the enormous impact athletics can have on an individual’s life.

Athletic competitions allow each athlete to test:

  • How prepared they are
  • How they measure-up to other athletes
  • How they handle adversity
  • How they handle success
  • How hard they are willing to work to succeed

In addition, the enormous increase in the popularity and coverage of sporting events (even high school level events) requires athletes to learn how to handle external influences, such as:

  • Communicating with coaches
  • Interacting with the press/media
  • Dealing with adults (other than their parents)
  • Managing their image through social media outlets

The internal and external challenges of athletic competitions provide an incredibly unique developmental opportunity for young adults.

Jack is involved in a variety of athletic organizations and functions in south Florida (particularly football-related functions). He has coached high school football, mentors and helps prepare young athletes for college, and participates in athletic-related events, such as: the Battle of Florida All-Star Game, Anquan Boldin’s Q-Fest Weekend, and fundraising events with Coach Bobby Bowden, Coach Howard Schnellenberger, Alfred Morris, and other NFL players.

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